Writing prompt – wreck

The Titanic wreck cr Dr Robert Ballard

The Titanic wreck © Dr Robert Ballard

The tragedy of the Titanic has inspired creative output for more than a century, but the discovery of the sunken vessel is equally evocative.

Today marks the 30th anniversary since the famous wreck was found by American oceanographer Dr. Robert Ballard and French diving engineer Jean-Louis Michel 370 miles off the coast of Newfoundland, nearly two and a half miles (4000m) below sea level. The boat still lies in 13,000 feet of water today.

Imagine devoting your life to searching for a missing vessel, plane or artefact. How would you feel when you finally discover it? What losses might you have incurred along the way? Write that into a work of fiction.

Find out more about the Titanic at www.titanicbelfast.com. Find 30 intriguing facts – perfect for filling in the details of your tale – at www.titanicbelfast.com/30things.

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