Review – Triple Bill at the Tobacco Factory Theatre

Polly Crockett-Robertson cr Films.Gb

Polly Crockett-Robertson © Films.Gb

The latest show from Third Stage Dance Company at The Tobacco Factory offers up three delightfully different acts making use of dance to tell stories that stir, intrigue and engage.

The first, justWORDS, begins with a dark stage with fleeting moments of light, illuminating a lone woman dressed in black while words, spoken in German, murmur overhead. As a writer, I’ll admit I wished the words were in English, as the only one I grasped fully was ‘liebe’ – ‘love’. Perhaps that was all that was needed, though…

The stage illuminated fully, and I felt we’d entered the woman’s dream. Dancers took turns on centre stage, before a familiar trio, Polly Crockett-Robertson, Sara Mather and Luke Antysz, began to spell out tales of tenderness, betrayal and reconciliation while other dancers flooded in and off stage. Recurring motifs, some of which were achingly sensual, contributed to the dream-like feel.

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The second act, Invitation Only, presented work by guest choreographers and dancers, including the impressive RISE Youth Dance Company who exhaled energy and emotion – particularly in the breathtakingly angst-filled last set. Stunning.

In the final act, Never Brought To Mind, the dancers, dressed in pastel-pop shades of lemon, peach, aqua and palest green, waited at a railway station for a delayed train.

Live music from the Ryan O’Reilly Band provided a folksy soundtrack for a series of dances that showed off the talent of this innovative company. It was a cheery, visually compelling note to end on, with some standout performances (Gudrun Derrick dancing to the song ‘Elizabeth’ was simply gorgeous), and made me wish delays were always so entertaining.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out to see what Third Stage gets up to in future.

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