Book review – Storm Warning by Vanessa Gebbie

Storm Warning by Vanessa GebbieI’ve always thought of short stories as being the perfect portable fiction – ideal for dipping in and out of on trains and buses for a few moments of sheer immersion.

While Vanessa Gebbie’s tales certainly fit the first part of this by being invitingly easy to dip into, it’s far more difficult to dip out of her short stories. In a few, brief beautifully spare paragraphs Vanessa has the power to utterly transport you, immersing you in lives that ring out with authenticity and enmeshing you in their emotions – all without a touch of sentimentality.

I was initially a little put off by the fact this collection is solely focused on war, as the subtitle Echoes of Conflict testifies. But far from being bleak or terrifying or gory, the tales shimmer with humanity – people grieve and remember and regret, but with such elegance that you’ll find yourself savouring the passages like the very best poetry. In Maiba’s Ribbon a boy recalls the day his brother lost his hands, in The Wig Maker a woman shares three truths, the last being the most heart-rending. In Cello Strings and Screeching Metal a musician explains why champagne bubbles transport her back to a single, shocking moment in time. Continue reading

How to write flash fiction that echoes

Award-winning short fiction and flash fiction writer Vanessa Gebbie offers advice on how to write crackling flash fiction that sells.

What is a flash? It is something of a short short story. It is sometimes a prose poem. It is always a moment with echoes. It can be very very hard to get right. It shares attributes with poetry, and with short story and yet is neither.

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