Made up words

DylanThomas house_Taf Estuary cr JudyDarleyI’m very, very excited. Three words I invented are to appear in an actual, published dictionary!

Not your average Tuesday morning announcement.

The Dictionary for Dylan has been put together by the marvellous Emily Hinshelwood in honour of poet Dylan Thomas, who said: “words are the most important things to me ever” and commented “Out of them came the gusts and grunts and hiccups and heehaws of the common fun of the earth.”

Emily invited submissions from anyone who loved the idea of creating a word, so how could I resist?

My words are Drybernate – to put off going outside due to bad weather, Wellybegging – happily anticipating a soggy day out (get the feeling it was raining a lot when I came up with these) and my personal favourite, Droowlish – struggling to make mind and mouth meet – the gap between succinct thoughts and what actually gets said.

As in, “Sorry, I’m droowlish before my first coffee.”

The idea that these slightly bonkers contributions are going to be printed in the Dicionary For Dylan is pretty immense. The book is being launched on Thursday 14th May, so look out of it cropping up on a shelf near you soon.