A festive dungeon experience

The London Dungeon TavernThis time of year seems awash with twinkling lights, good cheer and best wishes, but what of winter’s darker side? Relish the dreary weather and settle in for a chilling experience at The London Dungeon Tavern when it opens on 12th December 2015.

This decidedly dodgy Victorian pub will offer a sprinkling of vintage festivities with decorations and seasonal drinks, but far more than that you can look forward to raucously comic, spooky and immersive 360° storytelling.

What a fantastic idea! Apparently “you’ll be right at the heart of the drama as the ‘regulars’ weave a web of secrets, scandal and gob-smacking gossip all around you.”

Sip a traditional Dungeon brew of beer or non-alcoholic lemon-ale, as the landlady shares tales of her tragic-comic life and her henpecked husband weaves his own tall tale amid a waft of criminally bad jokes.

Round the corner there’s a card game in full swing while at the bar people mouth off about the latest Ripper murders and the bootleggers on the streets.

With action unfolding in every corner of the tavern, each table of guests will get a bespoke experience of the tavern’s dark history that you’ll be able to hear, feel, smell, and see.

For full information and to book your tickets, visit www.thedungeons.com