Pianissimo by Louise Gethin

Abandoned piano cr Judy DarleyThe talented Louise Gethin has written this deliciously moving poem in response to last week’s writing prompt – abandoned. Louise is an alumni of Writers Unchained. Thanks so much for sending in your response to the prompt, Louise!

Pianissimo by Louise Gethin

Finger touch tap,
‘Why doesn’t it play, mummy?’
Chubby fists beat.
‘Can’t you hear it, darling?
‘If you listen.’

Boy ears strain for notes.
Insects tickle peeling veneer,
tease strings – no longer rebounding,
or resounding on hammer strike –
struck dumb by rain, by sun
and inquisitive cat.
Weathered sharps softened black to mute,
ivories silent.
‘I’m listening.’

Woman hears chord on wind
stir memory of songs played dolce;
of dances and waltzes stepped to fingertip touch.
Fortissimo, yes, fortissimo – beating heart of home,
wrought, fine-tuned to perfect pitch.
Scales and arpeggios tumbling, turning, slipping, sliding;
minor melancholies resolved in a cadence.

Hinge squeak
Iron moan
Wheel lost
Woodworm hole
All rots

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