Enter SmokeLong’s Grand Micro Contest

MerryGoRound cr Judy DarleyUntil 16th May 2021 the SmokeLong editors invite you to submit your most powerful compressed work for them to consider inclusion in their June double issue. Authors of chosen micros are guaranteed $100, but you could win much more. In this competition you  have the opportunity to enter one, two, or up to four micros.

The Judging

All entries are read blind by the SmokeLong editors. You will probably receive a reply within two weeks if we have decided to pass on the story. If they take longer than two weeks, be encouraged. This means it’s likely that your story has made it through to the second round of judging.

Your story must be no more than 400 words long, not including the title. If you are entering two or more micros, submit all your entries in one document.

Entries must be written in English or accompanied by an English translation. The story will be judged on the English text as well as the word count of the English text. Translator and author will split the prize money equally.

Fiction, non-fiction, and hybrid narratives are considered. Though line between prose and poetry is often a blurry one especially in micro narratives, bear in mind that SmokeLong does not consider poetry.

All identifying information must be removed from your story, with your name and contact details included only in your cover letter.

Their final guideline is quite simple: write something you love.

The Prizes

Grand Prize: $1500
Second Place: $500
Third Place: $300
Finalists: $100
All placed stories will be published in the June 2021 issue of SmokeLong Quarterly.

A long list and a shortlist will be announced.

Entry Fees

$6 for one micro
$10 for two micros
$16 for up to four micros

Before you enter

I highly recommend that before submitting your words, you devote some time to reading the kind of stories SmokeLong publishes. The editors have a very specific tastes in micro tales – sharp edges polished thin enough to see sunlight through are definitely preferred.

Find the full guidelines and enter here: http://www.smokelong.com/the-smokelong-grand-micro-contest/

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Short stories – Apollo’s Offspring, Milk and Other Lies

7_Apollos Offspring
You may recall my #WritingPrompt from October, suggesting you draw on myths for inspiration.

Rathalla Review Fall 2018Another of my stories inspired by myths, Apollo’s Offspring, appears in the Fall 2018 issue of Rathalla Review. It involves an au pair, who happens to be a raven, and a mother who’s ex happens to be the Greek God Apollo.

I’m so pleased to see my work in this beautiful publication, and to find a home for this uncanny tale.

Click here and leaf through the issue to read it.

I’m thrilled to have had my very short story Milk and Other Lies published by SmokeLong Quarterly. I’ve had my eye on this excellent publication for a while, and I’m really pleased that this is the story they’ve chosen to publish.

I submitted my piece during a submission when students in the Amsterdam Creative Writing course got to have a say, and received the exciting news that they had chosen my story as their favourite during their week of guest editing for SmokeLong!

Also very happy that my story featured in SmokeLong’s weekly mail out, which means that if you subscribe to their newsletter, my words will have arrived in your inbox this morning 🙂

You can read my story here: http://www.smokelong.com/milk-and-other-lies/