Polish-London fiction competition

tube_mapFancy being published in Litro and showcased at a London Underground Station?

The London-based magazine is currently crying out for Poland-themed entries (random, I know), and will publish the winners in the magazine as well as displaying them at a London Tube-station. The literary world seems half-obsessed by the London Tube at the moment!

For inspiration, Litro suggests you consider Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz.

As an extra challenge, entries may be no more than 300-words in length.

The deadline is April 20th, so make sure you send your Poland-inspired piece of writing to info@litro.co.uk by then.

What comes after the ‘happy ever after’?

Portuguese couple cr Judy DarleyDid Jane and Mr Rochester manage a happy marriage? Could Scarlett and Rhett have made it work?

Tracey Cox profile picAs part of Litro Magazine sex-themed February issue, the editors are spending this week hanging out with sex and relationships expert Tracey Cox. Tracey will be sorting out the love lives of famous fictional couples for us, and they’re looking for your suggestions for therapy-worthy characters.

It’s such a cute idea – I love the idea of what happened to these characters once their ‘happy every afters’ began.

You can tweet your suggestions to @litromagazine with the hashtag #litrosex or share them on Litro magasine’s Facebook page.

Even better, they invite you to finish the story yourself, in 100 words. What do you think your favourite literary couples got up to? Email your follow-ups to emily.cleaver@litro.co.uk with the title “Where Are They Now”. The best entries will be published on the Litro website.