A ghost story

We’re already into October, and the run up to Halloween. Britain never celebrates this most gruesome of fiestas with as much fervour as I’d like, but I’m hoping to make up for that with as many relevant posts here as possible over the next few weeks. You may already have spotted my posts about zombie tag and zombie chic fashions.

Cellar cr Judy Darley

The crowded cellar that inspired ‘Unwanted Guests’

This is also the time of year when ghost stories are most successful, so I’m really pleased to have one of mine published by the wonderful Origami Journal.

My tale, Unwanted Guests, was inspired by a rental property I moved into where the cellar was filled with the previous tenant’s possessions – everything from old pots and pans to gymkhana ribbons and old teddy bears – seriously eerie! Why on earth would anyone leave those kinds of things behind? That was the seed – read the result here.